Long Term Care

6-landscape_spare_bIt is usually not until a crisis occurs that we come across the need to find care for a loved one. This can be a very emotional time, overwhelming and one very few have any experience of navigating through. Choosing to be looked after at the person’s home or in a care home can be equally bewildering. It is at this time we can offer our sympathetic assistance to you.Those that have prepared well for this time would have left their instructions in a document known as an Enduring or a Lasting power of attorney, naming a person to assist them with property and financial affairs and/or wellbeing and sometimes this can make the journey a little easier if an illness or injury renders the person who requires care unable to sign for themselves.

We can, as advisers, in this specialist area help identify if there is an eligibility for benefits and if the estate can afford to self-fund the care required for the individual or couple and more importantly the care chosen to meet those requested and deemed to be the most beneficial, comfortable and rehabilitating, be it for a term until recovery or for life.

As specialist in this area we can help you identify your options to provide the finance to pay for care at the right place for the lifetime of the couple or individual. We are able to explain, advise and implement the use of financial products that may provide a solution to preserving some wealth and reducing inheritance tax for the intended beneficiaries, whilst ensuring capital does not run out during the person’s life time posing a threat to changing to local authority funding and not being able to remain in the care home of choice.

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